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MoML 2024 - Present a Poster

MoML is a great opportunity to showcase your work and connect with fellow researchers. We are accepting submissions that are related, but not limited to, conference topics such as molecule/protein 3D structure prediction, molecular graph ML, geometric ML for molecules, modeling molecular interactions, molecular dynamics simulations, ML for quantum chemistry, and LLMs for chemistry.

Submission Instructions

Submission Requirements

You are required to submit at least a 1-page abstract describing your work. You are allowed to have an appendix of up to 4 pages (optional).

Submission Deadline

Midnight ET on May 10th

Acceptance Timelines

We will notify you of your acceptance before May 20th. You will be responsible for creating and printing your poster to  bring to MoML. 

Poster Dimensions

We will provide boards of 46 x 46 inches for you to pin your posters on. You are free to use whatever dimensions you want for your poster as long as they can fit on the board! 

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