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ML for Drug Discovery
Summer School

Hosted at Mila & Centre PHI

June 12 - 21st, 2024


Presented by

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Hands-on training to apply ML to drug discovery

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Summer School

June 12th - 18th

5 days of training, 20 hours of lectures from 20 invited speakers across industry and academia. 


Learn the foundations of machine learning for drug discovery while exploring the latest advanced in ML for small molecules. 


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MoML 2024

June 19th

The molecular machine learning conference brings welcomed 165+ attendees from 59 universities and 21 companies last year. 

We'll have a lineup of keynote speakers and poster sessions for you to stay updated on the latest research in the field. 

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June 20th - 21st

Team of 4/5 get paired with a mentor. Apply what you learned throughout the summer school to build a model that can predict various molecular properties. 


See if you can top the leaderboards! 

Who should attend? 

To get the most out of the summer school, we recommend that you only register if you have a solid understanding of mathematics and statistics with basic experience in Python and building ML models. The ideal participant in the summer school should fit at least one of these profiles: 

1. AI experts (data scientists, ML engineers, or others) capable of understanding and manipulating biochemistry and chemistry concepts

2. Biochemists/biologists/chemists with programming skills and a foundation in ML

Summer School Trainers

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Yoshua Bengio



Michael Bronstein

University of Oxford


Pratyush Tiwary

University of Maryland

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Anne E. Carpenter

Broad Institute

Connor Coley.jpeg

Connor W. Coley



Bharath Ramsundar

Deep Forest Science



Open Molecular Software Foundation

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Golnoosh Farnadi

McGill University


Gianni De Fabritiis



Jason Hartford

Valence Labs


Charlotte Bunne



Cecilia Clementi

Freie Universität Berlin


Camille L Bilodeau

University of Virginia

Mario Geiger.jpeg

Mario Geiger



Emmanuel Noutahi

Valence Labs

Dom-head-cropped (1).jpg

Dominique Beaini

Mila/Valence Labs

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MoML 2024 Speakers


Pauric Bannigan

Intrepid Labs

Jian Tang.jpeg

Jian Tang


Dom-head-cropped (1).jpg

Dominique Beaini

Mila/Valence Labs

Max Headshot.png

Max Jaderberg

Isomorphic Labs

Cas W.jpeg

Raquel Rodríguez-Pérez


Cas Wognum

Polaris/Valence Labs

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I'm confused about the programming, can you clarify?

The summer school lectures will run for 5 days (June 12th - 18th) and end with a 2-day hackathon (June 20th - 21st). We will host the 2024 Molecular Machine Learning Conference (MoML) on June 19th between the lectures and the hackathon. 


Individuals can purchase tickets to MoML separately without attending the summer school. However, you automatically get access to the conference if you register for the summer school. 

I'm a student, are there discounts for me? 

Students can register for the summer school at a discounted price of $150. 

MoML 2024 is free to attend for all students.

When/where exactly is the summer school being held?

The summer school (June 12th - 18th) and hackathon (June 20th - 21st) will be held at Centre Phi (407 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal, QC H2Y 2M3, Canada). MoML 2024 (June 19th) will be held at Mila - Quebec AI Institute (6666 Rue Saint-Urbain, Montreal QC H2S 3H1)

Where should I stay if I'm arriving from out-of-town? 

We have reserved accommodations with special pricing at the following locations: 


  • Hotel Monville - the total is $279/night. Please use our special reservation link to book directly, or use the code IVADO0624

    • This price is reserved until May 28th, 2024​

  • Zum Auberge - located at 2350 Bd Édouard-Montpetit Résidence C, Montréal, QC H3T 1J4 for $50/night. Please book directly using our special reservation link, or use the code IVADO-2024

    • This price is reserved until June 4th, 2024​

Will there be a virtual option? 

No, everything is in-person.

Can I present a poster at MoML?

Yes! We're accepting 1-page abstracts with up to 4 pages of appendices (optional). 

The deadline to submit is May 10th.

Will there be food/drinks provided throughout the program?

Coffee and snacks will be offered throughout the whole event. Participants must cover their own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

If you are attending MoML, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Where can I buy food?

The venue is located in the Old Port with a multitude of international restaurants and cafés. 


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